Playgroups and Activities

Activities, Service Projects and Playgroups


We offer two types of playgroups - open and age-based.

Open playgroups are held once a month at the church where we usually meet. They are open to children of all ages and the entire membership of the club. Open playgroups are hosted by one or more members, and include potluck snacks and crafts and activities for the children.

Age-based playgroups are groups of moms with children of the same age (e.g., those born in 2009-2010). Each playgroup is somewhat autonomous and self-governing within the constraints of the MOMS Club® by-laws and the chapter's guidelines and under the guidance of the chapter's playgroup coordinator. Each playgroup meets at its convenience, at playgrounds, members' homes and other child friendly locations. Remember that even if the criterion for the playgroup is the age of a child, all the children of a participating mom are welcome.

Playgroups are a great way to get better acquainted with other MOMS Club® members and an excellent opportunity for your kids to practice those social skills they're learning.

Some Recent Activities

Park days at various playgrounds
Fall Festival at Grim’s Greenhouse
Ice Cream outings Premise Maid and Crystal Springs Dairy
MOMS Night Out (MNO)
Walks at Trexler and Rodale Parks
Fall Party
Moms Only Breakfasts
Moms Night Out Book Exchange
Breakfasts at Panera Bread
Family picnics
Apple picking
Visit to a farm
Tour of a supermarket, fire station, pet store
Morning at Rodale Institute
Tour of the Berks County Police Station

Some Recent Service Projects

                Second Harvest Food Bank & Backpack Buddies Program

Sixth Street Shelter

Allentown Blast Victims

                The Caring Place

                Turning Point